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New Wave Pub Cider

ABV 5.5
Style Cider Semi-Dry
Source Portland, OR
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Product Description

"There's A New Wave Comin' I Warn Ya From New York to East California" - Kim Wilde

Released in February 2019.

A distinctly North American take on a classic pub cider, this semi-dry cider marries the frontier spirit with a hint of Old World inspiration.

With a body of Northwest dessert apples and a stiff upper lip of English cider apples, New Wave is something new.

Like the New Wave music scene this cider riffs on great ciders from both sides of the Atlantic for a distinct flavor that hits that note of individuality, that's sure to be a classic.

Bright crisp apple notes in aroma and flavor, with a just a tickle of traditional cider apple tannins, and just the inkling of sweetness.

Food Pairing suggestions: Chevre, salads, chicken, whitefish

ABV 5.5%